Report: Almost 24,000 KS voters’ status “in suspense”

WICHITA, Kansas – New numbers show an increase in Kansas voters whose ability to vote in Tuesday’s primaries and subsequent elections is in doubt.

Data obtained by Kansas Peoples Action show that there are 23,782 registered voters in Kansas whose status is “in suspense” because they have not successfully provided proof of citizenship to the Secretary of State’s office.

Unless those voters provide that proof, their votes will mostly not count in Tuesday’s primary election. The number is up from the more than 19,000 voters in this status reported earlier this month.

4,676 of these voters, or about one in five total, reside in Sedgwick County, a KSN analysis of the data showed.

Statewide, the voters in limbo come from all possible affiliations:

  • 13,574, or 57%, are unaffiliated;
  • 5,457, or 23%, are registered Republicans;
  • 4,366, or 18%, are registered Democrats;
  • 384, or 2%, are registered Libertarians.

The only exception to this is if the voter in question registered using a federal voter registration form. A Kansas judge ruled earlier this month that those voters can have their votes counted for federal races, like those for the House and Senate.

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