Fire goats escape

Goat - KSN File
Goat - KSN File

(KTVB) Hundreds of goats grazing in east Boise, Idaho got out of their enclosure and had to be herded back in Monday.

We Rent Goats, a company out of Wilder, has been hired to help create a fire break for the city of Boise, Idaho Power, and Southwest Idaho RC&D.

“This is the first step of the process,” said We Rent Goats owner Tim Linquist. “The goats’ll come in, they’ll eat down the cheatgrass, the fire danger. Then, they’ll come in and they’ll spray it with a chemical to keep the cheatgrass and medusa head at low levels, then they’ll replant it with some firewise weeds.”

This is all happening in the Oregon Trail neighborhood, an area where wildfires bring back frightening memories. The goats are grazing on the area where the Oregon Trail Fire occurred in 2008.

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