Wichita State has zero tolerance for sexual assault

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita State University prides itself on being a safe campus, taking allegations of any kind of sexual assault seriously.

“This is never ending ongoing process,” said Francisco Gonzales, Executive Director of Equal Employment Opportunity. “There’s always going to be a revision to police to keep the campus safe.”

Gonzales says when an assault is reported a two-fold process immediately begins. There is an investigation by campus police, as well as an investigation by the EEO office. Cases are handled within 60 days by the office.

The university has not had any complaints or reports of sexual assault over the last few years, but Gonzales says it can happen.

Within the last two weeks, Wichita State University has launched a new link on their website to help encourage victims to come forward.

Campus Assault Resources and Education allows students to access important phone numbers, support groups, and a breakdown of their rights.

Mary Grace Mba, a junior at WSU, says the last time she was updated on ways to stay safe or report any assault was her freshman year. She thinks this new website is a great resource.

“It could help because it’s more anonymous and so you’re not directly calling someone or you don’t know what number to call,” said Mba. “So, you’ll have that link readily available on the Wichita State campus website, so it’s something easier to access.”

WSU is also in the process of revising it’s policies to make sure that students remain safe. They hope to have those finalized by the end of the year.

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