Family believes baby goat was kidnapped

DELAND, Florida (WESH) – Mechelle Gallyot-Mcdonald left for church Sunday and when she came home, her baby goat, Nelly, was gone.

Gallyot-Mcdonald and her family searched their DeLand, Florida neighborhood, but Nelly was nowhere to be found.

“I’m extremely upset because it isn’t just that I got a goat, ‘Oh let’s get a baby goat,'” Gallyot-Mcdonald said.

Gallyot-Mcdonald said she got the goat three months ago out of necessity.

“My daughter is allergic to cows’ milk. We got the goat so she could have milk and make ice cream,” Gallyot-Mcdonald said.

A year ago, eight goats were killed not far from Gallyot-Mcdonald’s DeLand neighborhood on a farm in Lake Helen.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials believe a bear attacked those goats.

In Gallyot-Mcdonald’s backyard, there is no sign of other animals, and from the way the harness was unhooked, she believes a thief swiped her goat.

“Bring her back. Why do you want a goat? It’s not yours. Don’t touch it,” Gallyot-Mcdonald said. “What’s happened to this society?”

Gallyot-Mcdonald filed a police report. If you know what happened to the goat, call DeLand police.

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