Woman wants focus to be on the victims

Jason Befort (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – We see their pictures from time to time followed by the chilling images of their gruesome deaths, and the two men convicted of the crimes.

Rarely do we hear the stories of who the victims were.

Now one woman is out to change that.

“It was his first year teaching,” said Kara Young. “I want to take a moment to remember the man who made such an impact on my life, Jason Befort, J.B.”

It was 1998 when Kara Young first met her 7th grade science teacher Jason Befort at Augusta Middle School.

Calling him J.B., she says he challenged her mentally in the classroom and protected her when she thought no one cared.

“He took the time out to make sure I wasn’t ignored and that I was acknowledged.”

That inspired Young to become a teacher.

Eventually, she wrote a blog to remind people of who Jason was.

She wants the community to remember the victims and not the criminals.

So far, her weekly blog post which focuses on Befort has been shared well over 3,000 times.

“I woke up that morning I saw pictures of the Carr Brothers plastered all over my internet feed, and it made me very very angry that all of the focus was going to those two oppose to the people’s whose lives were stolen.”

Stolen but never forgotten. Young says she hopes to one day hear more about the other faces she’ll never get to know.

Young says she’s talked to Befort’s family on Facebook after her blog posting.

She plans to meet with them soon.

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