SPECIAL: U.S. Senate Race

WICHITA, Kansas – We’re continuing with the Senate race that’s turned out to be full of surprises.

We’ll start with the candidates for the republican nominee.

In the latest KSN News poll we asked 691-voters “who” they would vote for in the primary race between Pat Roberts and Milton Wolf.

Roberts is leading 50% to 30%, with a margin of error of ±3.8%.

12% are “undecided”.


Pat Roberts

Pat Roberts (KSN graphic)
Pat Roberts (KSN graphic)

Republican Senator Pat Roberts is from Dodge City and was elected to the United States Congress in 1981. He has been a United States Senator since 1997.

Roberts has been chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and has been on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee.

Recently the senator has been vocal about calling for change at the Veterans Administration.

Roberts has been vocal about saying Obamacare needs to be repealed, but Roberts has also been criticized recently by political opponents who claim the senator does not spend enough time in Kansas.

Milton Wolf

Milton Wolf (KSN graphic)
Milton Wolf (KSN graphic)

Dr. Milton Wolf is from Lyons Kansas, and graduated from the University of Kansas where he received his Medical Degree and is currently a doctor in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park.

Wolf has been critical of Obamacare, saying the health care plan is not good for the country.

Wolf has not run for political office in the past and is running a campaign that says it’s time for change in the U.S. Senate and in Kansas.

Wolf says America is threatened by career politicians in Washington and says both parties need sweeping changes.

As a doctor, Wolf says he is very much against Obamacare, saying free-market is better for healthcare.

And now to the Democrats where two candidates are vying for the spot on the November ballot.

District Attorney Chad Taylor is polling at 48% with Patrick Wiesner getting 17% and 35% are still undecided.

Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor (KSN graphic)
Chad Taylor (KSN graphic)

Chad Taylor is the current District Attorney in Shawnee County in Topeka. He is a democrat, running for the U.S. Senate.

Taylor says his priorities, if elected, would be to grow jobs and the economy.

He favors a return to what is called “pay-as-you-go” when it comes to budgeting government monies.

“Communicating with the people of Kansas and letting them know that if they elect me they’re not just electing another representative. They’re going to get someone who is going to go to Washington and advocate on their behalf,” said Taylor.

Taylor is a life-long Kansan, growing up outside Topeka, and he worked in the private sector until 2001 when he opened a private law practice.

Patrick Wiesner

Candidate Profile Patrick Wiesner
Patrick Wiesner (KSN Graphic)

58-year-old Patrick Wiesner is from Overland Park and is a democrat running for U.S. Senate.

Wiesner received his law degree from the University of Kansas, and is part owner in his own law firm in metro Kansas city.

He says the Veterans Administration has to be put on a budget to do a better job of delivering prompt medical care to our veterans.

Wiesner is also campaigning on a platform to get our nation out of debt and he says the U.S. tax code needs to be simplified.

The lawyer from Overland Park also says he wants to cut the lobbyist influence in Washington and says lawmakers need to find a way to offer a specific plan to get the United States out of debt.

There are two other candidates running, Libertarian Randall Baston, who’s polling at 4%.

Then, there’s the Independent Candidate, Greg Orman who is really shaking things up.

Greg Orman

Candidate Profile Greg Orman
Greg Orman (KSN Graphic)

Greg Orman is the independent candidate for U.S. Senate and he’s currently gathering signatures to get on the ballot for November.

Orman is running advertising saying it’s time for a change in Washington, because politicians are not getting anything accomplished.

Orman is running on a platform to get the U.S. out of debt and says creating new jobs is critical to strengthening our national economy.

“You know people are frustrated, they recognize that we’re sending the worst of both parties to Washington. and that ultimately they know that for us to solve our problems as a country, we really need to send problem solvers and not partisans,” said Orman.

Orman lives in suburban Kansas city, and is involved with several businesses.

Orman graduated from Princeton, and started and environmental lighting company before becoming an energy services manager with Kansas City Power and Light.

Now this is where things get really interesting for the November race.

According to the KSN News poll, this is a three person race in the general election.

From June 18th to now, Roberts’ lead has shrunk by 5-points to 38%.

Taylor’s stayed the same at 33%, that’s just five points difference between the incumbent and his democratic challenger.

In June, Roberts had a 10-point lead.

Orman’s percentage has doubled to 14% from 7% percent.

But what if Wolf wins the primary?

It’s an even tighter race in November.

Taylor drops 2-points from June to 34%, but that’s still enough to beat Wolf who’s polling at 33%.

And once again, Orman doubles his support to 14%.

These numbers show it’s a real three-legged race for that senate seat, no matter who gets the GOP nomination.

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