SPECIAL: Secretary of State Race

WICHITA, Kansas – Here’s latest numbers from the secretary of state race.


KSN News poll asked 691 likely voters “who” they would vote for in the primary and Kris Kobach still has a 26% lead over challenger Scott Morgan with the margin of error is ±3.8%.



Kris Kobach

Candidate Profile Kris Kobach
Kris Koback (KSN Graphic)

Current Secretary of State Kris Kobach has been controversial since taking office, for using his personal time to help other states like Arizona write immigration laws.

Kobach has been most well known in Kansas, for his voter ID stance, requiring Kansans to bring a state-issued ID to be able to vote.

“Once a non-citizen gets on our voter roles there’s no way to take them off in most instances, you’re never going to discover which of the 1.7 million people are not us citizens,” said Kobach.

Scott Morgan

Candidate Profile Scott Morgan
Scott Morgan (KSN Graphic)

Scott Morgan is a republican from Lawrence running for Secretary of State.

Morgan has served on the Lawrence school board.

His campaign is focused on stopping the current secretary of state Kris Kobach from staying in office claiming Kobach has spent too much time on immigration issues.

If elected, Morgan says he wants to increase voter participation in our state and says the Secretary of State office has to be more open to the public.
There is a democrat running for the office, who used to be a republican. Here’s a look at Jean Schodorf.

Jean Schodorf

Jean Schodorf (KSN Graphic)
Jean Schodorf (KSN Graphic)

Jean Schodorf is a long-time Kansas Republican, she’s now running as a Democrat.

She was a state senator, and before that an educator.

Schodorf says it should be easy to vote in Kansas, but hard to cheat.

“These are people who have had their rights taken away, legal citizens who have voted and their rights are taken away. We must fix that,” said Schodorf.

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