Rogue roosters run amok

Rooster - FILE

PHOENIX, Arizona (KPNX) – An Arizona neighborhood has been overrun by feral chickens, and county and city officials say there’s little they can do about the dozens, or possibly hundreds, of birds.

The clucking of hens and crowing of roosters in the neighborhood around 32nd Street and Thomas Road are strange sounds right in the middle of the most-populous state capital in America.

Some enjoy what Jennifer Collins calls her “chicken neighbors.”

“They’re a part of our neighborhood,” Collins said. “This is original. No one else in Phoenix has chickens in their neighborhood.”

But not everyone in the area loves them.

“They’re never quiet,” noted neighbor Rud? van Eck. “I just think that we kind of live in the middle of the city, and I don’t think there should be chickens. I know the city code – it’s illegal to have roosters, so I would just expect the city to be able to do something about it.”

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