RAW VIDEO: Interview with Paul Davis

Democratic candidate for Governor, Paul Davis, sat down with KSN to give us his opinion on the latest KSN News Poll. You can watch his interview in the video.

Transcript follows:

Paul Davis: First of all, we’re very pleased with the results and I think it validates what I’m hearing all across Kansas that people are just concerned that the state is going in the wrong direction and Governor Brownback is just not the kind of leader that Kansans want to see in the Governor’s Office.

So we’re putting together a coalition of Democrats, unaffiliated voters and lots of Republicans that are coming to support our campaign. And as we travel across the state we are picking up more and more support and are looking forward to doing that over the next three-and-a-half months.

KSN asked Mr. Davis about his views on education.

Paul Davis: Education is a personal issue for me as the child of two teachers and the parent of a soon-to-be kindergartner I’m very concerned about the state of our schools and support for our schools and Kansans are in that same place. I think a lot of people have seen the cuts that have come from Governor Brownback and they want to see somebody in the Governor’s Office who is really going to be a true advocate for public education and that’s what I want to be.

KSN asked how he could pass a bilateral education funding bill as Governor?

Paul Davis: I’ve got a 12-year record of being able to bring Democrats and Republicans together and building coalitions. I think we need to have someone in the Governor’s Office who is committed to bipartisanship. Governor Brownback has not only not been able to work with Democrats, he hasn’t been able to work with a lot of Republicans, and that’s the reason a lot of Republicans are coming to support my campaign.

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