RAW VIDEO: Interview with Jean Schodorf

Jean Schodorf (KSN Graphic)

Craig Andres sat down with Secretary of State Candidate, Jean Schodorf. She talked about her campaign platform and what she would like to do if election. You can watch her interview in the video.

Transcript follows:

Craig Andres: If you get into office, what is the first thing you would do? What are you pointing towards?

Jean Schodorf: Well, there’s two things I plan to do and one is meet with as many business people as possible and ask them what their opinion is of what the Secretary of State can do to help businesses stay in Kansas. That’s for the business side.

The second side is bring the League of Women Voters in, NAACP, all of the people who have been affected by the voting law and ask them what they want to see in a new law.

Craig Andres: What about the race right now? What about the polling numbers?

Jean Schodorf: We are very happy with the polling numbers because there was a recent poll that showed us very close and it stayed the same and we are looking better with women, moderates and independents, which will be very important in the General Election. So, in this primary season, we were able to stay the same — within the ballpark — and we are going to stay victorious in November.

Craig Andres: What do you think it will take to sway votes to say the Secretary of State’s Office needs a change?

Jean Schodorf: Well, people are just fed up with what is happening at the Secretary of State’s office right now and they are sick and tired of the present Secretary of State representing Arizona and his own personal vendetta. So I have a three-part plan. It’s pretty simple: Be a full-time Secretary of State, work for the people of Kansas — no vendetta’s and no moonlighting in Arizona or anywhere else in the rest of the country.

My second part of the plan is to be a one-stop shop for businesses, to be customer friendly to help businesses stay in Kansas because all business must register at the Secretary of State’s office. We will answer their questions, we will streamline the website, we’ll make sure that the data is secure when they send data to the Secretary of State’s office.

The other thing is to fix the registration mess. The Secretary of State has the power right now to let the 19,000 voters vote who have been in a limbo — who will never be able to vote — and their right’s are being taken away. He has the ability right now to review all of those applications and make a decision, run the four digits of their Social Security number. These are people who have had their rights taken away — legal citizens who have voted and had their rights taken away. We must fix that — no two-tier voting. Let citizens vote. But the other thing is audit the elections to make sure there is no fraud to have a baseline of what is happening at the election. It’s not happening today. We don’t know.

Craig Andres: What about auditing when it comes to polling machines and the way people are using those machines — Sedgwick County last year?

Jean Schodorf: Exactly. We are 43rd in the nation for election performance. That’s bad. Fifty is the worst. And part of it is that we were really criticized that we do not audit our elections after the election. So that would be able to measure how many machines are working, are not working, is there suspicious behavior? In effect, the present Secretary has done nothing to measure that kind of information and fight against fraud at the election.

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