Pot petition could be blocked, despite 6,000 signatures

Pot Petition
Pot Petition

WICHITA, Kansas – The issue of de-criminalizing marijuana in the City of Wichita could soon be on the November ballot.

This comes after a local non-profit group gathered the required amount of signatures on a petition to turn in to the city.

But the petition could be met with some opposition.

Esau Freeman with the group, Kansas for Change has gathered close to 6,000 signatures for a petition aimed at decriminalizing marijuana in Wichita.

Thursday afternoon, his group turned the petition into the City Clerk’s Office, the final step for them in getting the issue put on the November ballot.

Even though they turned the petition in on time and with almost double the signatures needed, Freeman says it could still be met with some opposition from the city.

“What I was informed of by our attorney is that they could put a temporary restraining order and what would happen in that situation is it would cause us to go to court and they could draw this out past the time period to get this on the November ballot,” said Freeman.

Local attorney Charles O’Hara said the petition could be blocked if it didn’t meet certain criteria.

“The petition has to be legal, it has to be worded so that its legal, it has to signatures on there that are legal, it has to fit all the constitutional parameters,” said O’Hara.

But O’Hara also pointed out a bigger issue the petition could face even if it were to get on the ballot and eventually be passed.

“Even if the marijuana petition would pass and it would be de-criminalized for the City of Wichita laws, it would not affect the state laws and it would not affect the federal laws,” added O’Hara.

KSN reached out to the city to comment on the petition and if they will try to block it from being on the November ballot, but have not returned a message to us.

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