Derby dogs returned to owners

Derby police released this photo of a pit bull dog they shot after a cat was mauled.

DERBY, Kansas – The City of Derby came to a resolution Thursday with dog owners after an incident on July 16.

Police received a report on July 16 that a pit bull and a husky had mauled a cat Tuesday on Duckcreek Lane in Derby. A resident told police the pit bull then approached a neighbor and growled and barked at the neighbor.

While an animal control officer was trying to capture the husky, police say the pit bull circled around and was being aggressive toward the animal control officer and a police officer.

Dogs “Nukka” and “Blue” were released to their owners after having received rabies vaccinations and microchips for future identification purposes. The owners agreed to a finding that the dogs were dangerous and would be removed from the City of Derby.

The owners and their dogs currently reside outside the city limits in Sedgwick County.

“I’m pleased that the city prosecutor and the dog owners were able to resolve this unfortunate incident with terms beneficial to both parties,” said Kathy Sexton, City Manager. “Once the public safety issue was resolved on July 16, it was everyone’s desire to do what was best for the dogs. The City never intended to seek to have the dogs euthanized.”

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