Wichita Transit saw more riders during Free Fares Week

KSN File Photo

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita Transit saw a substantial increase in riders during Free Fares Week which ran July 14-19.

Free Fares Week was a promotion designed to raise awareness about Transit services, increase ridership and help the environment.

For the week, there were 58,415, enough passengers to fill 8,345 minivans or 112 Boeing 747s or 10 Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

The increase in ridership was up 41 percent compared to 2011 averages, 59 percent compared to 2012 averages, and 71 percent compared to 2013.

Transit’s ridership declined between 2011 and 2012, after a fare increase. Transit officials will monitor ridership after Free Fares Week to determine if any new ridership is retained.

Free Fares Week was not the last opportunity for Free Fares this year. Ozone Alert Days will also offer Free Fares Days.

Ozone Alerts Days occur when ozone levels are expected to be high.

Choosing a ride on public transit instead of driving a car on Ozone Alert Days will help keep ozone levels low in order to avoid exceeding federal ozone limits and related fines.

Ozone Alert Day notices will be available on highway marquees, local news outlets and the City of Wichita and Wichita Transit websites and social media sites. Please sign up for Ozone Alert Day email notifications at www.wichita.gov/ozone.

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