Richard Ranzau (R) — Sedgwick Co. Commission District 4

Biographical Information:

  • County commissioner
  • Former physician assistant
  • Wichita State University: B.A. Secondary Education – Math; B.S. Physician Assistant; B.A. Spanish
  • Retired from Army Reserves (military police and physician assistant)
  • Veteran of Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars

Personal Information:

Married with 3 children ages 10, 12, and 14.

Campaign Website: Vote Ranzau

What specific Sedgwick County issue do you think deserves your immediate attention and how to you plan to address it?

Saving Judge Riddel’s Boys Ranch (JRBR) requires the most immediate attention. The decision to close Judge Riddel’s Boys Ranch is clearly the worst decision the county commission has made since I have been a commissioner. The Commission’s decision (which I opposed) to not support the the legislative efforts to secure a long term solution was short-sighted and inexplicable. We should reverse this decision and continue to operate JRBR while working with the legislature and others to find an effective long term solution.

How do you propose to grow the Sedgwick County economy?

The most effective approach to creating and retaining jobs is to create a low tax and regulatory structure that maximizes opportunity for everyone and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit. Protecting our investment in public infrastructure is also important. Cronyism has a toxic influence on local politics and the strategy of using elected officials to hand out subsidies to politically connected entities has proven ineffective and costly.

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