Naked neighbor attacks

NAPLES, Florida (WBBH) – Normally, Stanley Fogg welcomes all kinds of company at his property in Naples, Florida but not the kind at his property Monday night.

“You’re a young man. I’m 77-years-old. What do you want to hit me for?” Fogg said recalling the events.

It started when Fogg says he heard thumping and banging from the apartment next door. He went to check on his tenant but then what happened next caught him off guard.

“The door was open and the apartment from what I could see was in shambles. A young man came running out of the apartment completely nude and started beating me.”

In a matter of seconds, Fogg says Restrepo tackled him to the ground and hit him several times. It left bruises.

“He hit me really hard in the face at first. I think my leg was hurt because I got pushed over some bicycles.”

Fogg eventually got away and called deputies. Despite his injuries, it won’t stop him from checking on his tenants again.

“It’s my property. you may rent a room, but it’s still my property,” said the determined landlord.

Deputies Restrepo was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He is facing battery charges on a person older than 65 and remains in the Collier County Jail.

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