Coalition looks to fight proposed sales tax increase

WICHITA, Kansas – –  Almost 30 cities across Kansas have either passed or proposed sales tax hikes since the beginning of this year, including Wichita.

The City Council is proposing a 1-percent sales tax increase to be placed on the November ballot.

They’re hoping to net $400 million of revenue over the next five years to fund a variety of projects, namely to the city water and transit systems.

However, several businesses are hoping to stop any sales tax increase from happening here.

A Coalition for a Better Wichita held a press conference at Handy Mailing Service in West Wichita Wednesday afternoon.

The group, made up of local business owners, community volunteers and concerned citizens announced they were coming together to fight the proposed sales tax increase.

Spokesperson Jennifer Baysinger says the increase will make it more expensive to live and do business in Wichita.

Baysinger added that the group will run a grassroots campaign to make sure the sales tax increase doesn’t pass.

“We’ll go out and knock on doors, we’ll mail postcards, we’ll make phone calls, to tell you the truth the citizens are approaching us, they are not interested in moving forward with this tax, they don’t feel like they know what the tax is about,” said Baysinger.

The City Council will vote on whether to go forward with putting the proposed sales tax increase on the November ballot next month.

For more information on The Coalition for a Better Wichita, you can visit their website,

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