Drive-by purse snatchers target the elderly

HOLLY HILL, Florida (WESH) – Two senior citizens were confronted by a gunman in a Holly Hill, Florida Walmart parking lot and told to hand over their purses.

“I just kept my eye on that gun,” victim Taria Houvouras said.

Surveillance video showed the robbery only took six seconds.

“My heart stopped,” Houvouras said.

Investigators said the women were walking into the store when a Chevrolet extended-cab truck pulled up and a man in the passenger seat jumped out and confronted them.

“The next thing I see, he’s pulling his gun out of his pocket and pointing it at me, and he says, ‘I want your purse,'” Houvouras said. “I said, ‘Here. Take it. You know I’m not going to resist you in any way.'”

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