Dog survives acid attack

LOVINGTON, New Mexico (KOB) – A dog is recovering after being stolen from its New Mexico home and tortured with acid.

Pat Huntley says the dog stumbled onto someone’s front yard. That homeowner called Huntley for help, and what she saw was shocking.

“I had no idea what I was looking at, I didn’t know if I was looking at a car accident, if she had been in a fight,” said Huntley.

She rushed the pit bull to Dr. Keith Cloward in Hobbs who performed emergency surgery. The pit bull is expected to recover and survive, but the questions are far from over.

Dr. Cloward says there’s no way this pit bull spilled acid on herself, someone had to have done it.

“It looked just like an acid burn on her for sure,” said Dr. Cloward. “Someone either stole her to torture her or stole her to see if they could get her to fight to train their pit bulls on.”

The owner of the pit bull says the dog was stolen off his property over a week ago.

“He never thought he’d see her again,” said Huntley.

Lovington police say they have not seen any other cases, and the questions of who did this and why remain unanswered.

“The community is definitely in shock because this shouldn’t happen,” said Huntley.

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