Cougar cubs come to Great Bend zoo

GREAT BEND, Kansas – These two cougar cubs have come all the way from California and Washington, to live in Kansas.
Wildlife officials brought them to the Brit-Spaugh Zoo in Great Bend, where after a three month quarantine, they are ready for visitors!

“Most zoos you won’t find cubs out, you won’t find newborn animals, so this is really exciting really nice,” said Bert Brown, who was visiting the zoo.

The cougar cubs are six months old, and this cougar was born blind. He’s about ninety percent blind which means he can see some movements and bigger shapes.

“He’ll use his paws and he’ll feel around the enclosure a little bit, but other than that, he moves around like a regular cougar, he doesn’t mind being blind,” says Sarah Cruz, one of the zookeepers and Education Coordinator at the zoo.

Having a blind cub is a unique situation, but it’s a challenge the zoo is ready to tackle.

“We really have to focus on training with the blind cougar to make sure we can shift in and out of the cage ok. and make sure that he can get around the enclosure and feel comfortable being on display without feeling too threatened,” said Cruz.

Since the cub can’t see, he doesn’t hide from visitors, giving them a great view!

“Watching him eat, it’s cool,” said siblings Sadie and Joseph Takata.

“It’s unique to be able to come to a zoo and see young cougars in captivity it’s really interesting,” Brown said.

You can help pick the names for the new cubs, the zoo will hold a contest next month.

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