Barton County Commissioners ask for treasurer’s resignation

GREAT BEND, Kansas – KSN has learned that Barton County Commissioners have called for their Treasurer, Kevin Wondra, to resign.

This is a story KSN has been covering since we first broke the news in May, that Barton County’s Treasurer’s office was a mess.

Back in January officials learned that the county’s book hadn’t been balanced, but it got worse and in May, they had to hire an outside firm to get the numbers straight.

In July, Wondra gave three school districts in Barton County the wrong amount for their budgets.

“The taxpayers of Barton County deserve better, they deserve what they’ve paid for and that is for a treasurer who can do his job,” said Barton County Commissioner Jennifer Schartz.

For those reasons, county commissioners Monday voted to ask for Treasurer Kevin Wondra’s resignation.

“I think we asked him to resign out of sheer frustration, we all have received so many calls from people throughout the county, people trying to put together budgets that just can’t get the numbers, and we were just at a loss of what else to do,” Schartz said.

Because Wondra was voted in on the Republican ticket, if he does resign the Republican party will choose someone to replace him until the next election.

The Republican Committee will decide who gets the job where it will then go to the Governor for approval, and that person will be appointed to the job.

If he doesn’t resign, only a recall election can have him voted out of office before his term is up, but as of right now, nothing’s been filed to start that process.

Commissioners say their goal is to put the whole mess behind them and Barton County.

“You know I’ve been a commissioner for ten years, and I think this is one of the most distressing things that I’ve been through, there’s so many things that are going right in Barton County, and I think that this just casts a shadow over everything,” said Schartz.

KSN reached out to Treasurer Kevin Wondra for comment, but we were told he was out of the office today.

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