Fiery crash caught on camera

CLINTON, Massachusetts (NECN) – The Federal Aviation Administration was on the scene in Clinton, Massachusetts Sunday, looking into why a hot air balloon made a crash landing.

The balloon was trying to land in the residential area when it struck power lines and caught fire.

“It was going pretty low, and I thought it was going to land just over the hill,” said Erick Peterson, who witnessed the crash.

The balloon ultimately crashed into power lines, creating two explosions in a dramatic scene Saturday night.

“You could see the operator was trying to pump up the propane, but it just didn’t go up,” said Dennis MacDonald.

The balloon was coming right for MacDonald’s house.

“She says, ‘Look at the balloon,’ so I look at the balloon, and it was low, and she says, ‘It’s not going to clear those wires,'” said MacDonald.

And it didn’t. Five people were injured, three were taken to nearby hospitals with burn injuries.

All of them have since been released.

MacDonald ran outside to help those on board.

“First, I wanted to get them out of the basket,” he said. “Then, I brought out some ice and towels to apply on the burns.”

The FAA is now looking into what happened and why the Colt Balloon, owned by Derald E. Young of Dixfield, Maine, crash-landed.

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