Man and duck make an odd couple

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – A Twin Cities man’s life changed when he took a feathered friend home after she was rescued from a storm sewer after heavy rainstorms.

Nestled in a warehouse in northeast Minneapolis, is a gem of a place.

“This is a normal environment for this duck,” said Matt Thompson.

It all started about a month ago when street crews found the day old duck struggling in a storm sewer.

They pulled her out just when fate cued on matt to walk by.

“We came out from lunch and they had the duck and they said we can’t take it with us so i said my son and i will help raise the duck and they gave it to me.”

Matt said he’s going to keep the duck until she learns to fly and if she flies away, that will be that.
But if she chooses to stay, he’ll be glad to keep her.


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