Attleboro going ahead with $132K birthday bash

KSN News (file)
KSN News

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (AP) — The city of Attleboro is pushing ahead with a plan to spend $132,000 on its 100th birthday celebration, despite the objections of two councilmen.

The Sun Chronicle reports the council approved the expenditure 8-2. In casting no votes, Councilmen Richard Conti and Jonathan Weydt said they weren’t party poopers, they just objected to the cost.

Conti said the money shouldn’t be spent given school system layoffs and rising busing costs.

The money will initially come from the reserve account. Mayor Kevin Dumas said up to $50,000 will be solicited from local businesses to offset the expense.

The city has had $2 million surpluses in each of the last three years.

The day-long event scheduled for Sept. 6 is expected to include a two-hour parade, music and entertainment and fireworks.

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