Wichita officials concerned police spread too thin

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WICHITA, Kansas – City officials are raising concerns about police staffing coverage in the Old Town area.

Police officers will begin switching their normal coverage areas to assist in Old Town, leaving their beats to strengthen coverage in an area.

Officials are concerned that there may certain areas may be spread too thin due to staffing.

From 2009 to 2013, the South Bureau had more than 5,000 violent crimes, the same can be said for West and North, with East ringing in at more than 6,000 violent crimes. For more information, scroll down to the table below.

At 21,650 violent crimes over the last five years in Wichita, that breaks down to 11.8 crimes per day that police respond to.

Now, plans are on the books to eliminate 11 more officer positions.

The Wichita Police Department, already in a tight staffing position, is being pushed to do more with less.

Earlier this year, Old Town was changed to an entertainment district, and many police officers were shifted, primarily from the South Bureau.

That shifting has some officials raising their eyebrows, concerned that the shift is putting people’s lives as a bargaining chip until more police officers can be added financially.

Other city officials say that simply is not the case.

The 11 police officer positions were to be filled with military personnel coming home from active duty.

Breakdown on Violent Crimes in Wichita

Wichita Crimes
Courtesy: Wichita.gov

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