Meyers denies endorsing Davis for Kansas governor

Paul Davis (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

TOPEKA, Kansas — Only days after a list of more than 100 Kansas Republicans was released Tuesday in Topeka endorsing Democratic candidate for governor, Paul Davis, one Republican on the list announced she did not endorse him.

Former U.S. Congresswoman Jan Meyers, a Republican who represented the Kansas City area 3rd district from 1985 to 1997, said Thursday she never endorsed Davis in the gubernatorial race, despite the fact that her name was included in the initial list of 104 Republicans.

Meyers is reported as saying that although she is a moderate Republican, she would never publicly endorse a Democrat over a sitting Republican governor.

The Republican endorsement list was made public Tuesday through a new group known as ‘Republicans for Kansas Values.’ The list is comprised of former and current Republican officials who are in support of Davis.

Former Kansas State Senate President Dick Bond reportedly brought Representative Meyers into the group.

KSN reached out to Wint Winter, Jr. a representative of RKV. He said, “She is a member of our group, and she is a moderate Republican, but apparently there was a miscommunication. That she wasn’t sure that we were gonna make an endorsement.”

The group apologized Friday for the miscommunication.

The Kansas Republican Party released this statement Friday, saying the so-called ‘dishonesty’ in the list “rips to shreds” any credibility in the Paul Davis campaign.

The party is calling on the Democratic challenger to “take responsibility for this deception and apologize to Kansans immediately.”

KSN reached out to Bob Dool, the Chairman of the Sedgwick Co. Republican Party, who agrees with the state GOP.

“It is absolutely reprehensible, and I echo the state’s charge to ask Paul Davis to apologize for this and to retract his list,” said Dool.

When asked if more Republicans are expected to be removed from the endorsement list, the group of Republicans in support of Davis said that this is most likely an isolated incident.

“Jan does not use email and so, we were communicating with her by regular mail and I think that may have contributed to it,” said Winter.

Paul Davis was unable to speak with KSN Friday. A representative from his campaign said that Davis remains honored to have more than 100 Republican endorsements, with even more added to the list since Tuesday’s announcement.

Davis is expected to reach out and apologize to former U.S. Rep. Meyers directly for any confusion in the matter.

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