Trial delayed for mental evaluation

GREAT BEND, Kansas – Jeffery Wade Chapman, the man with the word “murder” tattooed across his neck, had his trial delayed once again.

Chapman is waiting to take a trip to Larned State Hospital after his lawyer said he was having hallucinations.

A judge ruled that Chapman should undergo a mental evaluation.

But Chapman won’t be getting that evaluation any time soon.

Chapman won’t be admitted into Larned State Hospital until the prosecutors and the courts can get all the paperwork into the hospital, which would take about thirty to forty-five days before he will to be evaluated.

The state wanted to clarify that even though Chapman isn’t being admitted to the hospital right away, it doesn’t mean they are full.

The forensic unit at Larned State Hospital is not full, there are beds available in the forensic unit for individuals referred by the courts for evaluation.

After the evaluation, it will be up to the courts to determine when Chapman will stand trial and if he will be housed at the hospital or the jail.

The results of the analysis are returned to the courts and so the courts are going to, will take action upon that, upon that analysis and evaluation.

The judge will set a trial date after Chapman gets evaluated.

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