Surveillance video shows power of Nebraska tornadoes

PILGER, Nebraska – It’s been one month since tornadoes tore through the small town of Pilger, Nebraska.

When a Farmer’s Co-Op recovered its computers from the rubble, no one expected to find anything that worked.

However, the security camera hard drives survived showing an insane view of the storm, and the moment it hit.

Here’s what victims say it sounded like.

“It wasn’t even real until we were sitting down in that vault,” said Aaron Becker, Farmer’s Co-Op.

“We were huddled down pretty much the fetal position,” said Ryan Kruger, Farmer’s Co-Op.

On the other side of eight inch thick concrete walls, the Co-Op security cameras rolled as 200 mile per hour wind gusts ripped Pilger to pieces.

Slow the video down and sparks from snapping electric lines light up the streets only feet from propane tanks leaking fuel.

“How quick it moves in, and it throws that stuff around. You know it is pretty amazing,” added Aaron Becker, Farmer’s Co-Op.

The vault saved Aaron, Ryan and four of their co-workers. Because it doesn’t have windows, they couldn’t see what was going on outside.

When they escaped, all they could see was rubble, and now because of the security video, they can see how it happened and just how lucky they are to be alive.

“We were all kind of getting sweaty in general just watching it. Reliving it basically,” added Aaron.

As the dust settled, survivors emerged into an entirely different landscape.

“I feel real lucky. That’s why we made sure to save the vault that is at the office there. I think it saved our lives,” added Becker.

Nebraska lawmakers hope to fast track federal aid for the hundreds of tornado victims and the governor is asking for individual assistance.

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