Man with firearm asked to leave Salina movie theater

SALINA, Kansas – Around 11a.m. Tuesday, Salina police officers were called out to the central mall movie theater, after several people had complained that a man had a firearm in the theater.

The man became upset because he was asked to leave because, theater goers were bothered by the fact that he was carrying what should have been a concealed weapon.

Since the new gun laws went into effect, many buildings like the police station here in Salina have signs indicating whether they allow concealed or open carry in their building.

Official signs for no conceal and carry and no open carry.
Official signs for no conceal and carry and no open carry.

The central mall movie theater didn’t have a sign posted, but under the new laws still had the right to ask the man to leave.

The man is a licensed concealed carry holder but, the weapon wasn’t very well concealed.

“He was carrying it in such a manner that it was bulging from his side and the customers could tell he was carrying,” said Captain of the Salina Police Department, Mike Sweeny.

“Because it was affecting their business, they were losing money because of his actions,” added Sweeney.

KSN reached out to gun experts to figure out what the man did wrong in this situation.

Bob Muir with Cleve’s Marine and Sporting Goods said something known as “printing” was the issue in this case.

“You can sometimes tell that is the handle of a gun because you can see the trigger guard,” said Muir.

Muir suggested having the right gear can help prevent incidents like the one at the theater from happening.

Muir adds that it’s the responsibility of the concealed carry license holder to make sure they’re abiding by the law.

There were no arrests or charges brought against the gun-holder in this incident.

We also reached out to corporate office for the theater here in Salina to comment, however our phone calls were not returned.

The Attorney General’s office is in charge of granting the concealed carry licenses.

KSN wanted to know just how many permits have been issued and revoked.

Since it became law in July of 2006, more than 80,000 concealed carry licenses have been issued.

In that same time frame, officials have revoked 358 from Kansans.

The most common reason was carrying a weapon while under the influence of alcohol.

Kansas Concealed Carry Information

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