Dog shot by Derby police is getting veterinary care

Derby police released this photo of a pit bull dog they shot after a cat was mauled.

DERBY, Kansas – A dog shot by a Derby police officer has been caught and is getting veterinary care.

Police got a report that the pit bull and a husky had mauled a cat Tuesday on Duckcreek Lane. A resident told police the pit bull then approached a neighbor and growled and barked at the neighbor.

While an animal control officer was trying to capture the husky, police say the pit bull circled around and was being aggressive toward the animal control officer and a police officer.

“They didn’t want the dogs to get up and run,” said Lt. Tim Brant, Derby Police. “They weren’t going to approach them, so they requested an animal control officer to come in outside his normal shift.”

The police officer fired a single shot from his shotgun and hit the pit bull in the chest.

“The pit bull was coming closer and drooling, it’s growling and barking, the officer fired a shot, and it went right here. You can see in the ground,” said Barbara Glenn, an eyewitness

Both dogs ran off. They were spotted a couple more times Tuesday, but police and animal control were unable to capture them.

Wednesday morning, police got the call of two strange dogs in a backyard on Water Street. The resident was worried about the family’s pets.

That’s where police found and captured the pit bull and the husky.

Police say they’ve never received calls about the dog before, but based on her seemingly aggressive actions they had to take precautions.

It is something the owner of the pit bull understands.

“Personally, I know her intentions would not be mean just because I’ve been around her enough to know she’s just the biggest sweetheart in the world, but I guess she could be intimidating to someone that didn’t know her,” said Tyler Boyles. “It just blows my mind to think how she would, or they claim she would do something like that.”

The pit bull was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

The dogs’ owners have been located. The dogs’ home is in the county, outside the Derby city limits.

The owners will be due in court on July 31st where a judge will determine if the dogs should be considered vicious and what limitations will need to be put in place, or if the dogs need to be euthanized.


Derby, Kansas – Dangerous or vicious animal ordinance (PDF)

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