Man smashes window to rescue girl from hot car

Sunlight (KSN File Photo)

LEANDER, Texas (KXAN) — Taylor Manning says he was walking into a store in Leander when he saw a crowd standing around a car. A little girl was locked inside, still strapped into her car seat. She was alone in the vehicle, and the car was not running.

Manning then grabbed a tire iron out of his car and smashed a window on the opposite side of the little girl.

“I hit it, broke through it, reached in, unlocked the car, crawled through the glass, unbuckled her and got her out,” said Manning. “She was really sweaty and very hot. Her mom ran up and started screaming, ‘I’m not a bad mother! I’m not a bad mother!’”

Manning said it appeared the mother had left the girl in the car, but the H-E-B store she was parked at says they are getting conflicting reports. H-E-B says it is store policy to contact authorities if they fear a child has been left unattended in a car. However, authorities were not notified in this case.

H-E-B said the incident is still under investigation, and the surveillance video is still being looked at. Store officials say they were told by people in the parking lot the mother had locked the baby and her keys in the car. H-E-B says by the time the manager on duty got out to the scene, everyone involved was gone. The whole incident lasted five minutes, store officials were told by onlookers.

The little girl was very quiet and still when he got her out of the car, Manning said, but started crying when he had handed the girl to her mother. The mother told Manning she was not upset about him breaking the window of her car, he said.

H-E-B says the investigation is listed as a “Jane Doe” because no one knew the names of anyone else involved.

“I’m still a little shaken up,” said Manning. “People were patting me on the back and thanking me, but I’m just glad she’s OK.”

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