Summer lunch program for kids in McPherson low on funds

MCPHERSON, Kansas – A summer food program in McPherson could run out of supplies by the end of the month, leaving some kids hungry.

“Well, we saw a need for kids to have lunches provided in the summer, we were sending backpacks home with kids during the school year and then we thought well these kids aren’t going to have food in the summer so we needed to find some way to provide the food for them,” said the Summer Lunch Program Coordinator Olivia Fetsch.

Each family receives a brown paper grocery bag once a week, and it’s filled with kid friendly foods, so kids that are home alone during the week can make food like peanut butter and jelly by themselves.

“I find it worthwhile, that I know that there’s children here in our community that don’t have the food during the summer, and it just makes you feel good,” said volunteer Judy Casey.

Private donations pay for the program, with much of the money coming from a golf tournament hosted by the Waldhauer Memorial Fund, but the tournament wasn’t held this year.

“The Waldhauer fund was able to match donations up to $5,000 though this year, so they were able to help a little bit but not as much as they have in the past,” said Fetsch.

Organizers are hoping that more people step up and donate money to keep the kids fed until school starts.

“I always hear feedback from the drivers, when they deliver items and they always say how excited the kids are, they come running out the door, and are so excited that the driver is there, and they grab the bag and it’s like Christmas for them,” Fetsch said.

If you would like to help the McPherson summer lunch program, you can contact the McPherson County Community Foundation at 620-245-9070

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