Sheriff’s deputies shoot man’s dog on own property

HALSTEAD, Kan. (KSNW) – A Harvey County man is looking for answers after he says his dog was shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies Sunday morning.

Kent Mayfield claims officers shot his 3-year-old husky, Majka, four times, alleging they broke several laws by killing his dog.

“There’s no probable cause whatsoever, they shot her on private property, they came onto my property, shot her in my yard,shot her again on my porch and then they drug the body across my yard and left her in a ditch,” said Mayfield.

Mayfield said his dog wasn’t on a leash because there are no leash laws in the county.

Those who live near Mayfield though say his dog that is responsible for the death of other animals in the county.

Lisa Stockebrand lives just down the road has had troubles with both of Mayfield’s dogs.

“These are the same dogs that in August of 2013 attacked my granddaughters 4-H show animals, killed her goat and her sheep,” said Stockebrand.

Stockebrand said she was the one who called the police on Sunday when she was awoken to the animals on her property being attacked by Mayfield’s dogs.

“I could see there was a dead goat down there, a down goat and three dogs, a white, a black and tan and a black dog down there,” said Stockebrand.

Altogether, Stockebrand says two of her goats and one sheep were killed, and eight other goats on her property were injured.

KSN reached out to officials with the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office for more information on this situation, they declined to go on camera, but they did say they would release a statement to the media on Monday.

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