KHP trooper back in jail in Barton County

Darrin Hirsh (KSN File Photo)

GREAT BEND, Kansas – Darrin Hirsh, a Kansas Highway Patrolman, was arrested Thursday for violating a protection from abuse order.

Darrin Hirsh updates
Darrin Hirsh updates

The Barton County Sheriff says he will be held for 48 hours.

Hirsh was first arrested on June 26th, charged and arrested for aggravated assault, domestic battery, and several other crimes.

He made bond and was released, but was then re-arrested after violating his bond and the protection from abuse order that was issued by allegedly making physical contact with his victim.

While updates weren’t available from the KBI on the case, KSN spoke to officials about how the system works once an incident like this takes place to find out what resources are available for individuals in this position.

For women and children that find themselves in relationships riddled with domestic abuse, the Harbor House is just one resource for them.

“They get advocacy services, counseling, life skills, classes, domestic violence education, and the resources and skills they need to be independent and in a life that’s free of abuse,” said Haley Button with Harbor House.

But what happens if the court issued protection from abuse orders aren’t enough to keep the victim safe?

“It’s not foolproof because people do violate the order,” said Ed Trusty, with the Family Services Court who issues PFAs. “It doesn’t matter if you have a piece of paper or not, they violate the order by contacting them or continuing the abusive relationship.”

That’s where the courts come in victims can take two methods either filing for contempt of court, a civil remedy, or police are called and they can be arrested and go through the municipal court process.

“A violation is not necessarily like a level thing, you violate three times, it becomes a felony or whatever, it doesn’t necessarily work that way but they do have other options,” Trusty reiterated.

While the phrase, “a PFA is just a piece of paper,” is heard a lot, officials say that it’s not a useless decision, it’s the first step to hopefully getting the problem solved.

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