Hays eases water restrictions

HAYS, Kansas – The recent rains have been good news for parts of central Kansas.

Now the community of Hays, that received ten inches in the last month, has decided to relax some of its water restrictions.

Mixed reaction to the Hays City Commission’s decision to downgrade from a water warning to watch by a 3-2 vote, lessening the water restrictions in town.

“Down to the water watch, we still have restrictions,” said Hays Assistant City Manager Paul Briseno. “It’s just not a free for all water whatever you want.”

Citizens are still limited in watering outside, but only from noon to 7p.m., compared to the 10a.m. to 9p.m. restrictions in a water warning.

It also means the city will do some limited irrigation, and property owners can get a permit for watering some kinds of new lawns.

City officials say that the Smokey Well Field has benefited immensely from the rains.

“So it’s in very good shape, it’s increased to i think about five feet from where it was just a month and a half ago,” Briseno said.

People in Hays are very excited that the Smokey Hill Creek and the Big Creek have been filling up because of the rain, but they’re divided on whether or not lessening the water restrictions is a good thing.

“I think they should have left them the same, because the people are used to them and it would be a lot simpler and we probably wouldn’t use any more water than we use now,” said Kim Billinger, a Hays resident.

“I think it’s a good idea, because it’ll make it easier to water, before you had to get up awful early to be done by ten,” said resident Patty Rupp,

Outdoor watering in Hays is still restricted and fines will still be given out for water wasting. you can find out more about the water restrictions by visiting haysusa.com.

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