3i show brings economic boom to Dodge City

DODGE CITY, Kansas – Two days into the 3i show in Dodge City, people from all over the country have come to take part in the annual trade show.

With all of the visitors in Dodge City, the local economy has begun to flourish from the 3i show.

“We are very excited to have the 3i show here in Dodge City, of course it brings in a lot of the exhibitors that not only stay for the three days, but are here up to a week or two,” said Joann Knight, of the Dodge City/Ford County Development Cord.

Throughout the course of the event, visitors are putting money into the local economy.

Visible examples are the increase in traffic and full restaurants.

“So all of those dollars just capitalize and increase over and over again, so the economic impact is extremely beneficial to Dodge,” said Jane Longmeyer, Dodge City PR Director.

The whole town gets something out of it but most of the business goes to the hotels.

Some people book their hotels a year in advance, and some vendors have to stay outside of Dodge City, because all of the rooms are booked.

And it isn’t just the immediate revenue that helps the town.

“It gives them an idea of what there is to do in Dodge City and so they pay more attention to what’s going on and might come back for an event that they might not have typically come here for,” said Joann Knight.

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