Ellis County officials closing in on arson suspect

HAYS, Kansas – Ellis County Law Enforcement has kept on the case of just who intentionally started more than twenty fires starting on March sixth.

Now, months into the investigation, officials say they’re closing in on a suspect.

“I think it’s great news for the entire community, I mean people that live in the city and people that live in the county, they’re all excited about that news,” said Chris Miller, a victim of the arsonist.

After the first string of arson’s, Miller started a reward fund for any information leading to the conviction of the arsonist, something he hopes is finally starting to pay off.

“All I’m doing is trying to keep this front and center to where people don’t forget about it and the reward I hope sparks some evidence that they need to get the conviction they’re seeking,” said Miller.

While the investigation is still ongoing, the sheriff’s department says that they have a strong suspect and are waiting for results to come back from the lab.

“The sheriff’s department is doing a great job and they’re continuing to follow this up and they’re you know they’re not letting it die, they keep investigating,” Miller said.

Miller hopes that with the announcement of a suspect, that more people will send in tips to the Sheriff’s department that could lead them to more evidence.

“Since the announcement was made that they have a suspect yeah I think everybody’s, everybody’s starting to show some interest again,” said Miller.

If you have information about the arson cases, please contact the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department at (785) 625-1040 or visit the Ellis County website here.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the reward can call Chris Miller at (785) 625-6409.

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