Man blames bank for $43,000 credit error

ROSWELL, New Mexico (KOB) – A Roswell, New Mexico man suddenly had more money than he’d ever imagined, thanks to a big “bank mistake.”

He deposited a check for $430, instead he got credit for $43,000.

“I’m not real big into lavish things, I mean you see where I live I don’t even have air conditioning in my house,” said Corey Courts.

Courts makes $24,000 a year. So in November, when the bank ATM made a mechanical error and put $43,000 in his account, he says temptation took over.

“It’s their mess up, it was an expensive mistake on their part, they put the money in my account. I sat there, I didn’t touch the money for months and they never found it, they never corrected it, they never did anything,” said Courts. “I mean you would think an amount like that would be something they would be right on top of.”

Courts is now making payments to the bank.

According to the police report filed by Washington Federal, Courts owes the bank $39,000.

“All I can say is have someone put $43,000 in your account and see what you do,” said Courts.

Roswell police say they have closed the investigation and are not pressing charges. It’s now up to the bank, Washington Federal, to sue in civil court to get the money back.

The bank is not commenting.

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