Door-to-door meat salespeople suffering from bad rep

HAYSVILLE, Kansas – Recent bans concerning door-to-door meat salespeople damages the reputation of local businesses.

Chris Kiefer, Co-owner of E-Z Choice Meats in Haysville, has been in business for 17-years.

In that time, Kiefer says they’ve built the reputation of being a reputable business.

Consumer warnings released by the Attorney General’s Office about certain door-to-door meat salespeople conducting unethical business practices have Kansas residents vigilant.

“When we’re going to neighborhoods people are calling the police officers and they’re coming out wanting to see our registrations because these other companies aren’t registered,” said Kiefer.

With consumers questioning whether they are legitimate or not, business has plummeted in just the past week.

“It’s probably down a quarter to a half,” said Kiefer.

The Better Business Bureau in Wichita said this is not an uncommon trend.

“There are a lot of trends we see here at the better business bureau,” said Denise Groene, State Director of the Better Business Bureau. “When an industry kind of has that bad apple, it kind of trickles down to those other businesses.”

The Better Business Bureau said there are several ways for credible door-to-door businesses to prove that they are licensed.

“A lot of door-to-door companies would have identity, the badges that they worn on their lanyards, or a brochure talking about their company, [and its] history,” said Groene.

That is the kind of documentation Kiefer provides that Groene says will always be handy if consumers ask.

To read more about the consumer alert in Kansas, click here.

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