Bees cause quite a buzz at 53rd St. North and Hoover Road

53rd and Hoover Bees (KSN Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – It’s not something you’d see every day, a crate of honey bees sitting in the middle of the road.

Those angry bees belong to Lyle Johnson who says he found himself in a sticky situation early Wednesday morning.

“I was moving bee hives early in the morning and had a top heavy hive. It had honey in the top and it tipped over as I made a turn,” said Johnson.

The crate busted releasing a swarm of bees around 53rd and Hoover road. Signs were covered while a pool of honey spread through the intersection.

“That’s a lot work cleaning up bees. They’re not happy when they’re out of their hives.”

The bees are more of a hobby for Johnson, he said he lost around five thousand insects and learned a lesson.

“You gotta try and not be hasty about things that the problem.”

Although Johnson was able to recover his hive, Bee Specialist Wesley Wolken  advises drivers to be careful just in case.

“If you’re passing by there don’t stop to look and roll down your window don’t get out just avoid it its going to take a few days,” said Wolken.



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