Motivational rider helps women build confidence

Lisa Johnson (left) teaching Stephanie Bergmann (right) how to ride a horse.

DODGE CITY, Kansas – Once a competitive rider, Lisa Johnson now uses her expertise to help women build confidence through horse riding.

“My clinics have helped every from a novice who wants to learn better horsemanship skills to the woman who has suffered some emotional trauma,” said Johnson.

Reins for Renewal is the name of the program that Johnson developed to show women that they’re stronger than they think.

“When you can learn to control a 1,200 pound horse, suddenly your 80 pound child doesn’t seem like a big deal or the co-worker you don’t get along with or your boss or whatever,” said Johnson.

The program is open to men, but Johnson finds that women are more apt to ask for help.

If you would like to see Johnson in action, she will do several demonstrations and a clinic on Friday.

To find out more about Reins for Renewal, click here.

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