Woman learns home was scene of murder, torture

SAINT LOUIS, Missouri – A woman in Saint Louis, Missouri finds out some frightening news about the home she is renting.

Catrina McGhaw signed the lease without worry.

Her Section 8 voucher covered $810 in rent.

The landlord seemed nice until a family member told her to check out a cold case documentary about serial killers airing on the A&E Network.

“Oh my god. And there it is, the house I live in pops up,” said McGhaw.

McGhaw found out she was living in the same Ferguson house serial killer Maury Travis used as a torture chamber.

Travis committed suicide in a county jail in 2002 after he was charged with killing two St. Louis area women. Police said he was a suspect in as many as 20 murders in the area.

The landlord gave her the dining room table the same one from the crime scene photos.

“When she showed us the house, she said you can have this table if you want, those are the same chairs, same chairs everything,” added McGhaw.

But it’s what happened downstairs that freaks her out. That’s where Travis recorded some of his crimes at one point he sent the St. Louis Post Dispatch a map to identify victim 17.

Some of the victims were tied to a pole.

“This whole basement was his torture chamber, and it’s not okay.”

It’s just too much for McGhaw to handle. So, she called her landlord begging to get out of the lease, but the landlord wasn’t sympathetic.  It turns out she’s the killer’s mom.

“She said, ‘No, you signed a lease you need to stay there until the lease is up,'” said McGhaw.

Travis’ mother claims she told McGhaw about the dark past.

McGhaw says that’s not true. She would have remembered the people murdered in the basement part.

A real estate expert said suicides and violent crimes don’t require disclosure.

“I think there should be no way she should think it’s okay to not tell people what happened inside this house,” said McGhaw.

Travis’ mom wouldn’t budge, but the St. Louis Housing Authority did.

McGhaw says she will be moving at the end of July.

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