Treasurer problems continue in Barton County

GREAT BEND, Kansas – The saga over Barton County’s money troubles continues, there’s now a half a million dollars more than expected on the books.

KSN told you earlier this year that officials realized treasurer Kevin Wondra hadn’t balanced the county’s books in more than a year, and hired an outside firm to do the job.

It’s the half-million dollar question right now in Barton County, where should the $581,000 go that outside contractors recently found?

“The treasurer at that time did not determine where that money should go, so the county knew the money was there, knew it was in the bank account but the next part of the equation is to put the money into the proper account,” said County Administrator Richard Boeckman.

Now, the county treasurer has to figure out is this extra money to go into the general fund? Or is this money that is owed, or promised elsewhere?

“Well, you know I wish the treasurer had done a job that we could have counted on, that the money that we had in the bank is the money that we actually had, however if you’re going to make a mistake, it’s better to err on the side that we have more money than less money,” said County Commissioner Jennifer Schartz.

The treasurer has until the end of the day on Wednesday to figure out where that $500,000 is supposed to go to.

“If it takes him a week longer, than it’s going to push everything back a week,” said Boeckman.

Adding to the frustration for Barton County, if their budget work is pushed back even more.

“When that is not done timely, it’s awfully hard to sit back and remember six months later what this money is all about,” Boeckman said.

A puzzle that Barton County is now racing to put back together.

KSN reached out to Barton County Treasurer Kevin Wondra again, but he said that he was too busy to talk.

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