New eye for KFC girl

NAPLES, Florida (WBBH) – The young dog mauling victim at the center of an alleged hoax has arrived in Florida to be fitted with a new prosthetic eye.

Three-year-old Victoria Wilcher arrived from Mississippi with her family to meet a Naples expert in prosthetics.

Wilcher has been in the spotlight recently after her grandmother claimed she was kicked out of a Mississippi KFC due her to her facial scars.

Though the chain restaurant denies that claim, which others have labeled a hoax, help is still be offering to the girl.

Wilcher was mauled by a pitbull and lost her right eye in the attack. Naples ocularist Raymond Peters plans to fit Wilcher for a new series of eyes.

Wilcher and her family expect to stay all week at the Inn at Pelican Bay in Naples and will be meeting throughout that time with Peters.

Her first appointment is Tuesday, and because she is so young she will be sedated during a series of three appointments this week.

On Friday, she is expected to have a new eye.

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