Mom leaves child in hot car

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (WTLV) – A Florida mother was arrested for leaving her 5-year-old daughter in a hot car while shopping at a Jacksonville Costco Sunday afternoon.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says 49-year-old Vivian Guo was charged with child neglect and transported to jail.

Costco managers removed the girl from the car, searched for her mother, then alerted police saying the girl had “sweat running down her face.”

John Harrell with the Department of Children and Families says his office has several reports just like this on the First Coast.

“It’s very concerning because this is an increasing trend,” said John Harrell. “There is no reason why a child should be left alone in a car for any period of time,” he added.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says about 45 minutes later the mother returned to the car and was arrested.

Harrell says when the temperatures climb, being on the inside of a car is like being in an oven. He says temperatures can easily climb 30 degrees in just minutes.

“It only takes a few minutes for tragedy to happen,” he said.

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