3i Show vendors prep for the event

DODGE CITY, Kansas – The 3i Show is celebrating its 60th anniversary of highlighting the industry, implement, and irrigation of southwest Kansas.  So far, the preparations are going well.

“We have people setting up, bringing the big implements in and making sure their show area is exactly what they want it to be,” said Eddie Estes, 3i Director.

Over 200 volunteers have been helping set up the Expo Center since last week.

John Streber, from Ohio, was preparing for his 20th 3i show.  “We do shows from the East Coast clear to the Rocky Mountains, and the 3i Show is one of the biggest,” he said.

Vendors from 30 states will be showing and selling anything from hand tools to irrigation systems, and products from over 800 companies.

This year, the show will have drone displays and an area for people to test-drive equipment.

Streber said he’s watched the show and technology change over the years, but one thing has stayed the same.

“It gives us exposure year round,” he said.  “The 3i Show helps us get our tools out in front of the farmers.”

Estes said it isn’t about the number of people that walk through the door that matters.  “We want the right people to show up,” he said.  “We want to get the folks who [use] these products with those who sell them together, the buyer and the seller.”

The show will be at the Western State Bank Expo Center in Dodge City from Thursday to Saturday.  Parking and admission are free.

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