School sales already beginning

WASHINGTON (NBC News) – There’s now another reason to call it Christmas in July.

Right after the Fourth of July holiday, some stores are already offering back to school sales, the earliest ever.

It crept up like Christmas right after Labor Day, but a National Retail Federation survey found that this is what shoppers want.

“In fact, last summer 24 percent of Americans said that they began their school shopping two months before school,” said Kathy Grannis, National Retail Federation.

The Federation says stores are expecting even more early back to school shoppers this year.

“An advantage to shopping as early as July is you’re guaranteed to get your hands on the hottest products, and if you do wait till August, it’s likely you won’t get those types of items,” said Grannis. “If you are a family with a lot of kids, that late August shopping time frame can really be chaotic and for those that like to plan, shopping early is really the way to go.”

The better bargains are available now because it helps retailers move merchandise to make way for the next sales event.

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