Fireworks badly burn baby

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WFMJ) – A Youngstown, Ohio family is asking for prayers as a 4-month-old baby girl is in critical condition in the Akron Children’s Burn unit.

Aubree McCormick is in the burn unit of Akron Children’s Hospital. What had been a day of fun on the 4th of July changed in an instant that evening as she was sitting in a rock-n-play seat on the porch with family.

A couple of kids lit a firework two doors down. One of them kicked it, and it shot off.

“It hit the window on the front porch, and it landed in my granddaughter’s bed, and all I could do was just react. I didn’t think, I reacted. I grabbed hold of the firework and then the bed caught on fire that she was laying in,” says Carol McCormick, Aubree’s grandmother.

Aubree’s grandmother, Carol McCormick, injured her fingers while trying to help her. Aubree’s mother, Kiarra, took her into the home to put out the flames.

“Her whole face is burnt. She’s got first, second and third degree burns on her face, her ear and her little hand.”

Aubree’s parents rushed her to Akron Children’s in Boardman where she was then air-lifted to the hospital in Akron. They are staying with her there and have been sending updates of her progress.

Aubree’s uncle, Richard Newsome says, “Her right eye is open now. She sees blurry still because they put ointments on her eye. The burning, instead of white, it’s red now. So we’re glad that’s happening. They might not have to do surgery. She’s kicking, playing, laughing, she’s eating well.”

Right now, the family thanks everyone for their prayers and ask for continued support in hopes that Aubree will make a quick recovery.

Youngstown Police are investigating the accident.

Aubree’s family are also looking into whether the seat she was sitting in was supposed to be flame-resistant.

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