California officer uses excessive force on highway

LOS ANGELES, California – A California Highway Patrol officer was put on paid administrative leave Friday as investigators look into a video showing the officer throw a woman to the ground, then punching her repeatedly.

“Today was the first day that I was finally able to see her and talk to her,” said Maisha Allums, daughter of the victim. “And I just thank God that she’s alive.

A passing motorist captured part of it on this cell phone video Tuesday around 5:40p.m. while a woman walked barefoot on the 10 freeway ramp near La Brea.

She was ordered by a CHP officer to stop but when she ignored him it set off the physical altercation.

“We’re looking at every possibility, every fact, every circumstance that may have contributed to this situation,” said Chris O’Quinn, Assistant Chief of California Highway Patrol.

The officer is seen repeatedly punching the woman. Maisha says her mother suffered severe injuries, while CHP reports states the opposite.

“The report indicated that the individual was not injured and the officer didn’t notice any injuries on the individual,” added O’Quinn.

The family didn’t answer the question on why the woman was wandering on the freeway or whether she suffers from mental illness.

They say whatever the reason it doesn’t justify the officer’s behavior lashing out so violently.


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