Former Marine shot after police receive suicide call

Police intervene at 7800 E Clay (KSN reporter photo / Ashley Arnold)

WICHITA, Kansas – Icarus Randolph, a man in his mid-20s was shot around the 7800 E Clay at 1pm Friday after police were called to intervene in a suicide attempt.

A resident from inside the house called police stating that the former Marine was suicidal and needed help.

An officer arrived to the residence to reason with the Randolph.

When confronted with authorities, the officer said Randolph came out of the house and advanced aggressively towards police, allegedly with a weapon in hand.

After refusing to cooperate, the officers attempted to tase him.

When the tasers had no effect, officers opened fire and shot Randolph.

He was announced dead at Wesley Medical Center at 2pm.

Family members say that the victim served multiple tours in Iraq and was experiencing mental health issues.

“When I seen [the police] on Clay, just about what he told me the other day, I already knew, there’s nobody else on the block they would probably do like this” said family member Cassious Randolph, “and a shooting happened. I doubt that would happen over here. I had a funny feeling so I told my brother just turn around cause I already know.”

The two officers involved in the shooting are now on paid administrative leave.

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