Marrow man saves sister’s life

Marrow man Jameson

SHELBYVILLE, Indiana (AP) – An Indiana boy gave the best gift, the gift of life to save his 3-year-old sister.

The young girl, Samantha Kesler, had two rare blood disorders and her life expectancy was only 40 years.

The only cure for the diseases would come from a bone marrow transplant, and her older brother, Jameson Kesler, was the perfect match.

Jameson was excited that he was able to save his sister’s life.

He even ran up and down the hospital halls in costume letting nurses know that he was saving his sister.

“I had to get a little poke in my back,” said Jameson, “Two pokes!”

The procedure could have failed, with serious medical complications if Samantha’s body rejected the cells.

8-months after the transplant, doctors say Samantha has fully healed.

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